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Post  shimeixiaoxiao on Tue Sep 27, 2011 9:31 am

Of course by now just about anyone who owns a computer, or spends any amount of time in an Internet cafe knows that there are better deals to be had online, but not everyone is aware that this also includes a huge assortment of women's designer shoes and boots.uggs ,

It's all the very latest styles too, and in fact you have a better chance at being the first to see what this season lineup is online than browsing your local mall.pandora bracelets , You see, online retailers can have them available in their photo gallery as soon as the same day they're released to the public by the design handbags ,

Even so, hop scotching around the Internet in search of the most absolute rock bottom deal on ladies designer shoes and boots is one of the best ways to get taken by knock-off artists, otherwise known as counterfeiters.moncler uk , However; don't take this to mean that you can't bargain shop. It just means that you need to follow a few simple rules.

For instance rule #1 is to check that country of origin that any site you're considering is based out of. You see, it's now a law that all websites must have the operators location posted in plain sight somewhere on one of its pages. So then what are you looking for when you're checking this info?

You're looking for sites that are based out of Asian countries like Thailand, the Philippines, and especially China. Or worse yet, a site that has no home address listed at all. You really should simply avoid these types of online marketing venues, no matter how good the ladies designer shoes and boots look in the photos.

Authentic pictures are easy to snag online, so they in no way should be taken as an accurate representation of any designer products that they are selling. Also if you have yet to get a close up look at counterfeit ladies designer shoes and boots, you would be amazed at how bad the quality is. In fact you can buy better quality shoes from the bargain isle at K-Mart.

In the end, your best bet is to connect up with a reputable online vendor that has the feedback to verify their track record, and there really is no better source of this type of info than feedback. Feedback tells you how previous customers felt, and that's important.

Also make a point of reading what the sales feedback is for because it may be that a site is just getting started selling ladies designer shoes and boots and their feedback is related to a completely different line of products. This is something that can slip right by a lot of people.

Lastly if a deal on ladies designer shoes or boots sounds just too good to be true, then more often than not, it is. Of course sellers cook up all kinds of stories of how they fell into a bulk order of shoes or boots and that they need to unload at a discount. Just try to be skeptical as you read them.


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