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South Sea Pearl History

Of all the pearls around the world, one is revered above all others: the South Sea jewelry , Grown in the deep seas off Australia's coast, the South Sea pearl is prized for its brilliant gold or white shine.ugg ,

South Sea Pearl Color

South Sea Pearls have a wide variety of colors and overtones, ranging from white, silver, yellow and gold with subtle undertones of pink, blue and green.

Among these colors, deep golden or white hues are the most desirable and valuable.

Golden South Sea Pearl Necklace: The deeper the golden color, the more rare and valuable the pearls are. Their beautiful glowing hue creates a sense of warmth; which livens the complexion and creates a feeling of luxury.

White South Sea Pearl Necklace: Famous for their rich, creamy color, White South Sea pearls can have rose or silver overtones. While pearls with silver tones are more popular, South Sea pearls with rose overtones are considered to be rarer and more valuable.
When buying a White South Sea pearl necklace, keep in mind that pearls with white body color are more valuable than those with ivory or cream. Use caution, as some sellers may sell cream South Sea pearls as white ones for a higher price.

South Sea Pearl Size

The most common sizes for South Sea Pearls are 10mm ?15mm. South Sea pearls in 16mm - 20mm are very rare and extremely valuable. Ultimately, the size of a necklace is a personal preference as it reflects individual style and personality.

South Sea Pearl Necklace Length

Due to their high cost, South Sea pearl necklaces are commonly worn in more moderate lengths:

Choker (14 - 16 inch) necklaces coordinate nicely with casual or business wear.

Princess (17 - 19 inch) pearl necklaces are fitting for most any occasion. Princess is the classic necklace length.

South Sea Pearl Necklace Pricing

Due to their size and rarity, South Sea pearls can be expensive. If your budget is $600 - $2K, consider a 7-8mm South Sea AA+ quality necklace. If your budget is $2K - $6K, try a 9-12mm South Sea AAA quality necklace. On a budget of $6K - $9K, spring for a 10-13mm South Sea AAA quality necklace.


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